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A Christmas with my Concern’s


As this year 2014 before ends, I am going to celebrate my Christmas Days here in Bohol, Philippines. It is my first time to celebrate this occasion far away from my best friends and most of all, celebrating this occasion not in my beloved homeland which is Bukidnon. Yes, it sadden me it’s because I have a lot of memories with them during Christmas days. I can’t imagine that in my entire life or shall I say just 19 years old I am, I have already the responsibilities to handle at this stage. That’s why I almost forgot the things that can give a fullest of happiness of mine. As I remember those memories that I had with my beloved friends in a place where I belonged from the start, It gives a something negative words, phrases and questions at the back of my mind which is “why I have done this? which my happiness brings into sadden, it’s because of the responsibilities that I chose first for the good of everyone.”

Even if I have that kind of emotions by this time, but still I put and keep myself on thinking that I need to do this whatever will be the outcome just for my Family’s future.

Since, I am the eldest daughter of ours, I am going to do the tasks that I feel that I need to handle. Because by my self, I know that my presence is more needed by my family. Especially as of now, my father is sick and his medicines wouldn’t supported strictly; we don’t have that big amount of money; whenever we have that small amount of money if couldn’t sustain all the way for the reason we are 7 siblings and my mother don’t have that stable job. And if there’s someone  can support by our daily needs but still it unstable because they just keeping on promise that they will support us but when time comes, it marked with a question mark if where are the promises.

I may not have the things that I needed and wants, that’s why I give my best and determination to reach my goals by step for me give the primary needs of my family. For my bothers and sisters who wanted to feel that they are going to school without carrying a problems from our homes; shall I say house of my lola’s and lolo’s co’z we don’t own house. They always feel and experience of being lacking as what I have done. From the breakfast that they were taken which doesn’t heal the their starving tummies. For my parents who couldn’t help their selves to buy medicines as a remedy as they feel the pain on their body.

Yes, I couldn’t give my self as of now to be happy again as a kid which I was before. But I am determined to do what those things, for the good of my Family then I will do anything. That’s would be all for this time as first part of my life and journey as I want to share to you the JOURNEY OF MY LIFE.







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